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Today the latest topic in social media or in news channel is the market of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

With the boom in the market, the popularity of blockchain and blockchain application development growing with incredible heights. Last year it is forecasted that the blockchain market by 2021 will cross by $2.3 billion. It is estimated that the total global spending on blockchain development is $2.1 billion. Till 2022 per year growth of the blockchain will be 42.8%. With advancing technology and global support 71% business leaders using blockchains.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the decentralized technology that underpins digital currency like Litecoin, bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. which enables database and digital information that records transactions and information to be distributed but not copied.


Various Development Platforms of Blockchains

For building blockchain solution there are more than 25 platforms. From them some of the top platforms of blockchain technology company consider.

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  1. Etherum
  2. Azure Blockchain
  3. Corda
  4. Open Chain
  5. Stellar
  6. Multichain
  7. Startis
  8. Hyperledger
  9. IOTA
  10. Quoram

The Right Platform for the Blockchain Development Services

  • Smart Contracts- Smart contracts is a protocol with different categories of streamlined contracts with predefined conditions.

  • Cryptocurrency Development- In finding the right platform cryptocurrency plays a pivotal role with every bit of blockchain and also have different features like bitcoin, Litecoin etc. In cryptocurrency development services you can also create your own coin or token, that is used to purchase products or raised funds via IOCs

  • Hyperledger development- It is the open source technology and advance solution of blockchains used in various technologies such as iot, banking, Finance, etc. and also for blockchain supply and technology.

  • Multichain development- In blockchain supply chain transactions are easier, transparent and trustable. It does not allow third-party transaction to view in public ledger, it is a peer-to-peer network.

  • Strategic Blockchain Consulting Service- With the new technology and Blockchain Mxicoders offer existing ideas around blockchain technology with each and every updated news of Blockchain, its product, services and of the crypto world.

  • Secure Blockchain development- It is a totally safer way of transactions with improving efficiency. It is secured, transparent and faster than public blockchains. Secure blockchain development service is the key to auto network public generation and offer investment ideas.

Blockchain Application Development Company UK
Blockchain Application Development Company UK

Types of Blockchains that stand upon the cryptocurrency

  1. IOC- Initial currency or coin offering also known as crowdfunding system in which list of IOC updated regularly to guide crypto token buyers make effective decisions. 

  2. Wallets- It is the secure digital wallet in which user can send or receive and store bitcoin or cryptocurrency of their choice.

  3. Crypto Exchange- In this digital currency of blockchain system they accept payments like credit cards, money orders and the different forms of payment into your cryptocurrency wallet. It is also known as (DCE) Digital Currency Exchange.

  4. DAPP- The best examples of DAPP development are Augur, Sia, and Golem. It is decentralized multiple users connected by the peer-to-peer network with the changeable protocol.

How it is implemented or used in Business

For existing and profitable business process you can integrate potential blockchain technologies in various ways.

Cost-effective- By blockchain operations cost of the banking and other financial payments can be decreased by one-third and it will increase overall profit

Trustworthy- The honesty is required from the members and all the transactions are also recorded no one can delete the transactions even administration also.

Decentralization- The records or the information stored for business network shared among the business members by the distributed ledger.

Authority- The blockchain members have the privilege to share the information within themselves on a need to know basis.


How blockchain helpful in digital marketing?

  • In the global market with the formation of new opportunities, strategic business models will be created with the help of blockchains

  • Blockchain technology makes transactions easier and more efficient for users, suppliers and, customers.

  • There is a less risk of blockchain because of permission, allocation and trustworthy property of the technology.

The 3 Development platforms of blockchains

  1. Security- Mxicoders offers a solution against manipulations. Total security will be provided for the records and data mainframe of the blockchain.

  2. Reduction of Cost- With the operational technology and assignment, and it is easy to operate and reduce the development of time with hyper ledger technology.

  3. Create a Value- For every industry we are offering end-to-end solutions of blockchain development and creating a various platform for the business.

Following Industries Blockchain has taken over.

  1. Mobile payments
  2. Insurance
  3. Taxation
  4. Health Care
  5. Railways
  6. Diamonds
  7. Fine Arts
  8. Enterprise
  9. Shipping
  10. Tourism
  11. Real Estate
  12. Journalism

Every day, in realworld scenarios there is the growth in the number of blockchains. From shipping to music, it’s difficult to detect a sector that hasn’t been involved by this transformative technology. Today, technology has reached that point and proven itself to be superior than the other new techniques.


Expert Blockchain Developers

Mxicoders provide expert and experience Blockchain developers of Ethereum, Hyperledger, Exonum, Multichain, Bitcoin, Litecoin, open chain, Security tokens, Monero, Decentralized apps, Blockchain for business solutions and more. Including different programming languages Rust, Python, Java, C++, Ruby, Node, Go, Scala, etc.

Our blockchain developers are highly skilled with deep knowledge of programming.

Blockchain integration and the review of your current Enterprise application for streamline data transfer.

Our unique digital team is working on blockchain assets and Security Token Development.

Above all features, our main priority is security, with leading companies and their exchange and servers our security engineers are working and operate both exchanges security tokens and utility coins.

We provide the development framework of blockchain application with onsite and offsite consulting.

We assist users with the smart and complex development applications with different domains and readily available resources.

Our highly experienced cryptocurrency wallet developers design a elliptic curve cryptography and a creating wallet on the blockchain

Mxicoders have solutions for every problem just send us your requirements and hire an expert and experienced blockchain experts.

Ashok Rathod

By Ashok Rathod

A Multifaceted Visionary Ashok Rathod is a dynamic and accomplished professional with extensive experience in the technology and business sectors. With a rich background encompassing various roles, Ashok has established himself as a leading figure in the industry. His expertise spans across multiple domains, including software development, sales, marketing, project management, and business consulting. Ashok's journey is marked by his leadership in four distinct enterprises: MXI CODERS PVT LTD:As the CEO and Director, Ashok manages sales, marketing, client communication, contracts, and product delivery. His strategic vision and operational excellence have driven the company's success in the technology space. Consultant, Speaker, and Mentor: Ashok leverages his extensive knowledge to assist startups and businesses in enhancing visibility, revenue, and customer experience. His mentorship has been pivotal in the growth and success of numerous enterprises. Blockchain Implementation and Consulting:With a strong focus on the financial services and real estate industries, Ashok's expertise includes cryptocurrency exchange platform development, crypto wallet development, and e-wallet solutions. Real Estate Tokenization: Ashok offers comprehensive solutions for asset tokenization, from valuation to secondary market trading, catering to various property types. Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions:He provides custom and white-labeled exchange development, margin trading, P2P exchange development, and more. Ashok is known for his strategic thinking, innovative mindset, and exceptional leadership skills. He is passionate about driving technological advancements and creating value for his clients. His ability to manage multiple roles and responsibilities with finesse has earned him a reputation as a reliable and visionary leader. - Successfully managed and scaled multiple businesses across diverse industries and locations. - Pioneered innovative solutions in blockchain technology and real estate tokenization. - Provided invaluable mentorship and consulting services to startups and established businesses. Ashok Rathod's commitment to excellence and his diverse skill set make him an invaluable asset to any organization. His passion for technology and business, combined with his extensive experience, continues to drive growth and innovation in the industry.

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